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2021 NC Wage & Salary Survey

Good news! The deadline for the 2021 NC Wage & Salary Survey has been EXTENDED! We are offering a two week extension to submit your data so don’t miss this opportunity to participate.

Data drives every aspect of business, including recruiting, hiring, salary, and wages. Catapult’s North Carolina Wage & Salary survey provides comprehensive pay practice and salary data for employers across the state.

Survey Closes July 2nd 


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When data drives decisions, you attract and retain the best people. Catapult's North Carolina Wage & Salary survey covers company wage structure, pay practices, base pay increases, and detailed job data (salary, bonus, range) for 500+ jobs across the state. Request your link to participate today. Participation has been extended through July 2nd. Catapult members will receive the survey data for free. Non-members who participate will receive the survey data at a discounted price.
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2020 NC Wage & Salary Survey Highlights

In 2020, Catapult partnered with Western Carolina Industries (WCI) to provide local, regional, and statewide wage and salary information to assist employers in determining pay trends.

Among the findings were clear indications of the effects of COVID-19 but also the lengths to which employers were going to retain their employees. Key insights from our 2020 NC Wage & Salary Survey include:

    • 73% of companies gave a salary increases in 2020.
    • Half of the companies surveyed reported base pay increases between 3-3.99% in 2020, with projections of 58% of companies giving increases in 2021. That’s compared to increases of 3-3.1%, which has been the statewide trend over the last five years.
    • Half of companies reported base pay increases between 3-3.99% in 2020.
    • Nearly 40% reported allocating a larger portion of their salary increase to high performers.
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Executive Summary
Read the full 2020 NC Wage & Salary survey executive summary.

"The results of our survey provide actionable data for North Carolina employers as they develop post-pandemic pay strategies. We’ve conducted this survey for decades and were in fact surprised to learn that so many employers are providing increases. This is a stark contrast to what we saw in the wake of the Great Recession - almost 50% of companies gave 0% increases in 2009."

Molly Hegeman, Chief Strategy Officer, Catapult
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