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Diversity Equity and Inclusion a Path to a Supportive Culture

DE&I initiatives do not have to be complicated or difficult to maintain, but they do require an ongoing commitment.  On the July 15th Answers at 8, Cynthia Daniel provided insight on getting started (wherever you are as a company) with DE&I initiatives. Catapult provides toolkits to support your planning process, although many companies starting this initiative might benefit from professionals with facilitation experience and the right set of tools.

Catapult offers consulting services related to DE&I planning and implementation, which includes manager and employee level training.

Catapult’s DE&I planning and implementation process generally encompasses seven phases:

Step 1 – Foundational Work

  • Understanding the why behind your efforts and commitment levels
  • Determining available company resources
  • Assessing the current state of the workforce
  • Soliciting employee attitudes and goals related to DE&I

Step 2 – Learning & Self Reflection

  • General training on DE&I concepts as relates to the workplace (all employees)
  • Training related to manager responsibilities

Step 3 – Leadership Meetings

  • Reviewing state of company
  • Identifying areas of concern
  • Mapping out future steps

Step 4 – Employee Meetings

  • Creating a safe space/discussing feedback
  • Articulating Vision
  • Introducing future and “resources group” concept

Step 5 – Incorporating DE&I into the Culture

  • Reviewing policies, practices, talent processes
  • Reviewing social media/website

Step 6 – DE&I Resource Groups

  • Managing special projects
  • Maintaining momentum
  • Generating awareness

Step 7 – Measure success

  • Measuring progress to targets that have been set
  • Regrouping periodically to determine status/adjustments

You do not have to have a diverse organization to begin this process.  Diversity should be a priority for those organizations that currently lack it, and an additional step for those companies which have attracted diverse employees but are not intentional in their efforts.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programs are designed to create a workplace where everyone can bring their full self to the workplace in an appropriate and welcome way.  They benefit employee morale, retention and hiring, but also reduce conformity of thinking and siloed planning which can result in an inflexible and stagnant organization.

By Kathryn Sears, a member of Catapult’s Advice and Resolution Team with over 20 years of experience in Human Resources Management and Recruiting, including generalist experience in a wide range of Human Resources areas. She offers members advice on compliance topics, policies and best practices, and employee relations.

Catapult empowers employers to solve people problems. We provide comprehensive compliance and advisory guidance and services to safeguard your business, along with training and development programs to build your people. From rapidly changing regulations to avoiding risk and effectively managing people issues, Catapult serves over 1,300 North Carolina companies. Partner with Catapult to make better people decisions…faster.

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