Thinking Differently: How to Tackle Your Recruiting Challenges Now

There are two big challenges cited by the employers who attend our events: recruitment and talent acquisition. We’ve heard it all — from demographic shifts and retirement surges to skills gaps and market saturation. Many employers find themselves in a recruiting conundrum.

During our latest free monthly Thinking Differently webinar, “How to Tackle the Biggest Challenges in Recruiting Right Now,” Catapult President & CEO Cheryl Richards, Ph.D. engaged in conversation alongside Catapult Recruiting Team lead Shannon Leonida and Michael Eubank, Senior Partner Sales Manager at JazzHR.

Together, they dove into the recruiting challenges HR decision-makers are facing in 2023, plus new employer hiring data that can impact today’s talent searches. Their conversation offers creative and proven tactics to optimize your recruiting strategy and overcome your hiring challenges.

Key Challenges Employers Face Today

According to the latest Employ Quarterly Insights Report (Q4 2022), 65% of recruiters feel that recruiting is more stressful today than it was just one year ago.

“There are several common reasons recruiters report hiring is more stressful today,” says Michael:

    1. Insufficient number of candidates in the market
    2. Increased recruitment competition from other employers
    3. Increasing salaries extending out of budget
    4. Pressures to work in a remote or hybrid setting
    5. Increased applications for roles by non-suitable candidates

“Employees are also leaving organizations at a higher rate, creating more open roles to fill,” he adds. “There’s an increased desire to fill roles, a smaller pool of candidates, and more competition over that smaller pool.”

“It’s just ironic that these are the pain points each of us on Catapult’s team hears from our members every day,” says Shannon.

“I often advise recruiters to help leadership at their organization understand their priorities. Many members don’t fully understand why they’re dealing with these challenges, so it’s hard to address them.”
– Shannon Leonida, Catapult Recruiting Team Lead

Whether you are a small or large business, priority setting can illuminate your business’ struggles. Questions to ask:

    1. Are we going to invest in full-time recruiting staff to hire effectively?
    2. Should we explore third-party partnerships to dedicate time and skillset to recruiting?

Michael also suggests employers improve the recruiting experience for external and internal participants.

“A big thing that I always like to emphasize is, it’s not just improving the recruiting experience for candidates, but also improving your internal organization.”
– Michael Eubank, JazzHR Senior Partner Sales Manager


Enjoy our full recording to explore all of Michael and Shannon’s strategies to stop struggling and start recruiting.

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