Changes to NC Wage and Hour Laws

On July 8, 2021, NC Governor Cooper signed Senate Bill 208 which contains several wage provisions that affect employers. These include the following key updates:

  • If an employer is reducing an employee’s pay, they must provide written notice at least one pay period in advance. Prior to this update, it was only 24 hours’ written notice. Employers may still use whatever pay period they have in place.
  • Each employer must provide written notice upon hire of an employee’s wage rate, pay place (if delivering; otherwise, state the method: direct deposit or mail, for example), and pay day. In the past it was acceptable to present this information in an oral format. Catapult has sample offer letters as part of our Onboarding Toolkit that contain the updated language which can be accessed here. Compliant offer letters should be used for all positions.
  • Final wages must be paid by the employer’s regular payroll method unless the employee requests, in writing, a live check. If a live check is mailed, it must be done in a manner that is trackable.

The NCDOL has not updated their website yet, but it appears requirements are in effect immediately upon the Governor’s signature.