How Expanding Your HR Bandwidth Solves Business Challenges

Professionals in HR roles are responsible for ensuring legal compliance, building company culture, and managing a variety of tasks that span ever-changing spectrums of topics. With so much required from HR, we know that it is often hard to allocate the time and attention it deserves, not to mention obtaining the requisite expertise across various functions.

How can HR professionals navigate the balance of effectively running an HR department while circumnavigating the changes we’ve experienced globally over the last two years?

We explored these questions during our November installment of Thinking Differently, a free Catapult webinar series that explores modern business challenges and effective, novel solutions.

Jill Feldman, our Director of Strategic HR Services, and Kendra Stewart, our HR On Demand Manager, shared special insight they’ve collected from Catapult Members who have reached out for consultations and personalized strategic solutions.

HR Teams are Short-Staffed and Burnt Out

“We’ve been faced with this thing called the great resignation,” says Jill. “We hear from a lot of our Member companies that their HR teams are just simply struggling to keep their heads above water. And simultaneously, there’s been extremely high turnover in HR departments.”

A recent report by LinkedIn revealed that over the past three years, HR professionals have generated some of the highest turnover rates of all positions across all industries. Just between the last 12 months, July 2021 to June 2022, Global HR saw a turnover rate of almost 15%.

HR Professionals must manage talent to build culture; they have to improve employee engagement and retention; they’ve even been given a hybrid workforce to adjust to. It’s no wonder they don’t have the bandwidth to get everything done.

“That’s the big challenge that we’re all facing now,” continues Jill. “We know that HR professionals are being asked to do more, and either they don’t have the people in-house who have skill sets to create more big initiatives, like managing performance, leadership, development, talent, management… The demand really does keep growing. They need fractional HR help to expand their bandwidth.

Where Can HR Pros Start?

Businesses know when they have an HR problem. Identifying specifically what the hurdle is? It’s often not as easy to identify.

“Nine times out of 10, Members who call in about organizational challenges need help understanding where they should start,” says Kendra. “They need someone to come in and help with assessing where they are and what to do next strategically.

“It may be that we go in and we assist with doing an HR audit to figure out what’s going on in the organization,” continues Kendra. “Often, HR is just so strapped with the day-to-day that they can’t see the bigger picture. They need somebody else coming in to help them take a look.”

Your Business’ Ideal Talent is Out There

Companies are challenged with finding ideal people after the Great Resignation. Even if they do happen to luck out and hire, battling to keep talent on board is another story.

“That’s where we can help,” says Jill. “We’re not a staffing firm. We’re a Membership organization. That means we are truly partners with our Members and our clients to find the right fit and determine the best way to keep talent. It’s like you’re hiring your own contract recruiter within your organization. We embed in your organization and really get to know your needs.”

Personalized Solutions Means Thought Leadership

Sometimes all you need is someone who has “been there, done that” to help you cut through the chaos of trial and error, bringing you straight to success. Mentorship and thought leadership is an invaluable part of discovering paths that were never before recognized options.

Our hosts agree that regardless of industry, leaders need to bolster their hard and soft skills alike to guide businesses into being more competitive and more successful.

“We can help do all of the tactical work,” says Kendra. “Many organizations ask us to come in to build and complete projects. However, we also have a lot of Members looking for mentorship from the experience our consultants have. We thrive in developing leadership skills and helping with the execution of those skills in a way that authentically makes sense.”

Turning to Community Makes Us Stronger

Sharing ideas, bringing insights, and test-driving solutions—having a community of dedicated professionals can advance your organizational strategies and cast a broader net of possible solutions.

Our Member Roundtables here at Catapult include an HR Team of One group,” says Jill. “I facilitate one of those and it has been one of my favorite experiences a Catapult! I was the sole HR professional in a previous company, and it wasn’t easy. We provide individuals with the space to meet with other Members. They connect, share and support one another in what can be an incredibly challenging role.”

“Participants are very generous in sharing their ideas,” adds Kendra. “It’s a great community because, for many HR Teams of One, they are the only one in their organization that does that type of work. Partnerships like this are invaluable.”

Our Experts Expand Your Bandwidth and Enhance Your Business

Interested in meeting with a Catapult HR Expert to refine your recruiting process, performance management and Total Rewards Strategy?

“We’re here to support you, our Members, however your organization needs,” asserts Jill. “We’re here to be nimble in your changing organization, and we flexibly support however we can.”

Reach out to our HR Professionals to get fractional HR support and schedule an assessment!