Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Courses

Inclusive workplaces attract and retain top talent, bring different perspectives into the organization, and help employees feel safe.

Crafting company cultures that are elevated, modern and competitive requires creating an inclusive workspace.

Plus, building authentic and effective DE&I reduces the risk of incidents in the workplace and lawsuits against the employer.

A culture that embraces diversity, equity and inclusion means doing far more than an annual compliance course. However, courses like these are incredibly vital to leading a successful business.

Catapult understands the importance of an inclusive workplace.

Help your employees understand the nuances of being an inclusive organization and their roles within it. Our OnDemand DEI services and robust learning suite will take you, your employees and your company further.

Course Spotlight

DE&I: A Closer Look is a 3-hour course that gives participants a broad overview of learning about DE&I in general terms.

Our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: A Closer Look Webinar Series is a deeper dive. We explore specific relevant topics so that you can really understand the nuances within each, including microaggressions, unconscious bias, empowering women at work, encouraging inclusion for employees who are LGBTQ+, engaging in difficult conversations, and engaging your employees living with disabilities.

Each of these sessions is filled with practical information, current research, and thought-provoking discussions.

Why Learn With Catapult?

  • Learn from expert facilitators who have led diversity program development and implementation
  • Build your understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion, identify ways you might need to improve your behavior or interactions, and learn how to become inclusive in all that you do
  • Learn through practical content and up-to-date curriculum aligned with current business demands and the latest topics of diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Practice applying learned skills through interactive exercises that help you prepare for real scenarios at work
  • Receive post-class, ongoing support from facilitators
  • Reach organization-specific DEI goals with private class sessions and customized content

If You're ready to invest in training opportunities for your company, or have questions...

Our Learning Team can help you explore options for customized learning plans for your organization, answer questions about specific courses, and more. Let’s talk!