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Safety Coordinator

Alliance Staffing is recruiting for Safety Coordinators to be placed throughout NC regions.

Title: Safety Coordinator
Job Location: Onsite
Travel: Yes, Daily

Position Summary

  • Community Care of North Carolina is looking for a results-driven Safety Coordinator to help support state and local health department vaccine efforts. The ideal candidate should have experience overseeing medical clinic or laboratory safety protocols and adherence to Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) regulations. Working with local health departments and performing site visits, this individual must be well-versed in proper Covid-19 protocols and other clinical site regulations and guidance to assess and implement the appropriate level of protection for staff to ensure safe execution of duties at vaccination events. Candidates must possess strong communication and leaderships skills as well as the ability to resolve workplace issues effectively.
  • The Safety Coordinator will be excited about guiding, training, and supporting their team members and local health departments and is highly motivated to help our community fulfill its larger mission of keeping North Carolinians healthy. The Safety Coordinator will do site visits at the Local Health Departments and any offsite vaccination locations.
  • The Safety Coordinator will collaborate with the Vaccine Coordinator, Vaccine Program Administrator, and local health department to support the vaccine-related activities within the scope of the Vaccine Program.

Essential Functions

  • Liaison and report to their assigned local health departments’ vaccine events regularly to ensure needs are known and being met by local health department for staff safety and Occupational Safety and Health Administration guidelines.
  • Coordinate personal schedule with local health department vaccination clinics and events and travel to those sites for assessment of adherence to prescribed guidelines for administration of vaccines.
  • Utilize prescribed guidelines or checklist and expertise in OSHA and staff safety to review, report, and troubleshoot to the Vaccine Program Administrator and local health department point of contact.
  • Immediately identify and report any issues that arise with the staff safety and adherence to OSHA guidelines up the supervisory chain and collaborate to develop and implement a solution.
  • Train non-clinical and clinical staff on onsite safety expectations and how to report and address an infraction.
  • Track and follow up on implementation of changes, updates, and fixes at vaccination sites.
  • Ensure all surge staff are provided proper protective equipment and adherence to Covid-19 protocols during all vaccine-related activities by routinely performing protection and safety satisfaction surveys with staff.
  • Adhere to DHHS and CCNC Privacy and Security policies to ensure that patient and company data is properly safeguarded.
  • Provide feedback on ways to improve the quality and effectiveness of service delivery.
  • Must be able to travel, with little notice, within assigned region. May include travel greater than 50 miles.


  • Clinically-related bachelor’s degree or higher and experience performing onsite clinic safety assessments and adherence to OSHA guidelines; Graduation from an accredited university.
  • Minimum 2 years’ clinical experience or experience assessing clinical safety and/or OSHA guidelines adherence at a clinical or laboratory facility.
  • Prior experience in supervising subordinate staff and/or managing a program
  • Experience establishing programmatic priorities for yourself and subordinate staff that will maximize efficiency of work performance.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and experience with conflict resolution
  • Experience working with culturally diverse populations during a time of crisis and distress
  • Fluency in languages other than English is a PLUS
  • North Carolina resident for greater than one year, with familiarity with counties/cities/communities
  • Access to a personal computer/laptop for data entry
  • Technology requirements: PC with Windows 10, Antivirus Protection: Windows Defender and Windows Firewall; or Mac with Apple OS X 10.13, Antivirus Protection: Sophos
  • Internet connection with minimum of 8 Megabits per second upload and download speed
  • The ability to make calls from your computer
  • Experience working with and protecting confidential and personally identifying information with complete discretion and professionalism
  • Maintain a professional and positive attitude with all internal and external stakeholder
  • Maintain a valid driver’s license and a personal vehicle for work use.
  • Maintain valid vehicle insurance on vehicle used for work

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Ability and willingness to go into the field when needed
  • Ability to speak, read, and write English
  • Ability to think critically and use good judgment in all decision making
  • Able to shift strategy or approach in response to the demands of a situation

Working Conditions

The routine work schedule will be in shifts based on the vaccine events of the Local Health Departments. However, this position is very demanding and time consuming requiring the incumbent to travel extensively and work flexible hours to comply with the needs of the local health departments they are supporting. The employee is expected to make adjustments when necessary to meet the changing needs of the state and local health departments. This may on occasion include evening and weekend hours. Assignments away from the duty station will require extended hours away from home.

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