Peer Learning

Join a reliable network of Business Leaders who relate to you.

Are you a business leader who’s committed to reciprocated learning? Need a group of peers that you can trust to understand your perspective? If you’re seeking dedicated and confidential problem-solving with other business leaders, the Peer Learning group is for you!

Join our Peer Learning program!

Catapult’s Peer Connected network offers various levels of commitment to professionals seeking to build meaningful relationships.

As the most committed tier, our Peer Learning group provides C-suite leaders opportunities to connect with a confidential group of vetted peers. This dedicated group meets monthly to work through high-level, long-term goals and challenges. 

An application, confidentiality promise, and interview are part of the selection process. 

Questions? Email our community leaders.

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Existing Peer Groups You Could Join

  • HR VPs & Directors Facilitator: Doug Blizzard
  • HR Managers Facilitator: Renee Watkins
  • CFOs Facilitator: Doug Blizzard

Apply to be accepted into a structured, facilitated setting that offers...

  • Higher level of thought and discussion
  • Consistent members under a 1-year commitment
  • Formality and confidentiality
  • Open to Members and Non-Members
  • A selective environment without your business’ competitors