2020 NC Policies & Benefits Survey

The NC Policies & Benefits Survey provides employers with a local perspective regarding core/current trend topics in HR policies and employee benefit practices. This survey is conducted every two years.

The following topics are covered:

Time off including FMLA, sick/vacation, PTO, holidays, parental leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, adoption, jury duty, bereavement leave 

Pay practices including Overtime and premium pay, on-call, variable compensation, business travel and cell/data reimbursement

Workplace culture including Work environment, flexible/alternative schedules, dress code and gear, employee relationships, cell phone and internet use, social media, wellness, corporate/social responsibility, recognition, inclement weather

Recruitment and staffing including staffing agency, pre-employment assessments, physical and drug screening, background checking, relocation, hiring/promotion, internship/co-op, professional development/training, performance appraisals

Termination including discipline/attendance, severance, exit interviews