Talent Optimization

Companies that practice talent optimization have 34% higher employee performance and retain 30% more of their top performers.

Optimize Employees’ Talent to Reach Business Goals


Today, companies find that talent optimization’s data-driven methodology boosts employee recruitment, retention, morale, and performance.

As a certified partner with The Predictive Index (PI), Catapult’s team helps you implement a more strategic mindset and process when making hiring, promotion, and team-assignment decisions. PI fuels 8,000+ companies in their talent strategy design and execution. By choosing the right candidate for the role, you’ll empower employees and accelerate progress toward your organization’s short- and long-term goals.

The Power of PI:

  • Engage talent from recruitment through retirement
  • Eliminate human bias from hiring
  • Deploy job-fit insights to predict performance
  • Place people in the best positions where they’ll excel
  • Build stronger, smarter, and more cohesive teams with complementary behaviors and skill sets
  • Teach your workforce effective coaching and communication techniques

When you engage with Catapult, you’ll harness the power of The Predictive Index to drive better decision-making across recruitment, team building, development, leadership mapping, engagement, and retention initiatives.

Take your organization to the next level: Contact us to find out how you can put talent optimization to work on your team.

Do you have 6 minutes to spare? Then see PI in action!

The six-minute PI Behavioral Assessment measures an individual’s motivating drives; it’s been used by thousands of businesses for more than 60 years to assist in hiring, coaching, motivating, and developing employees. This, along with PI’s 12-minute Cognitive Assessment, allows you to collect the leverage data that helps your measure engagement, hire with purpose, and maintain (or build) a strong culture.

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