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Most companies (with 15 or more employees) are subject to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as Amended (ADAAA). The ADA/ADAAA have many requirements related to non-discrimination and reasonable accommodation. Many employers are not aware of certain provisions related to providing leave as reasonable accommodation for example.

This toolkit will help you be ADA compliant from an employment law standpoint.

FAQs and Overview Information

Catapult’s ADA and ADAAA FAQ provides you with the following information:

  • Who might be considered as having a disabling condition?
  • What is an example of reasonable accommodation?
  • What is the interactive process?

EEOC’s Employer Responsibilities under ADA

Interactive Process (ADA and Religious Accommodations)

Exploring Further

EEOC’s ADAAA Fact Sheet

Federal Register How to Implement EEO Provisions of ADA

AskJan – Excellent resource for anything ADA related – questions, tools, templates, policies (all free).

EEOC on the ADA and Disability Discrimination

Catapult offers training courses on the ADA for Managers as well as Human Resources Professionals. See our courses here.