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Let’s simplify the creation and review of your compensation structures.

Many Members rely on our Compensation Specialists for detailed insights on job roles, market pricing and salary structure development. Other Members craft these structures independently or with outside specialists, but still need Catapult’s specialists to make informed, data-driven decisions. 

Employers! Use our compensation review toolkit to answer your commonly asked questions. The featured templates also help build competitive, attractive workplaces, no matter the size of your business. 

  • Start attracting and retaining talent with stronger compensation. How? Review our Compensation FAQ. We answer questions that determine starting pay, salary increases, and even whether hourly or salaried is appropriate.
  • This Cost of Living Versus Cost of Labor article will help articulate the differences between compensation planning, wage increases and adjustments. 
  • Employers should use this Bonuses and Short Term Incentive Plan article to determine whether a Total Rewards package is attractive to applicants and existing staff. 
  • Catapult’s Compensation Terms article helps clarify terminology so you can better understand salary data, build pay grades, and price out individual positions. 
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Exploring Further
  • A great reference for cost of living information is the Bureau of Labor Statistics! The resource also offers employers a variety of important data sets related to employment and compensation.