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COVID/Pandemic Toolkit

Being prepared for a pandemic allows your organization to be nimble in the case of a crisis. You can quickly recall what websites to visit for guidance as you customize your plan for any new disease. Each situation is different; therefore, your response may vary in terms of safety protocols, but having a basic guide in place allows you to quickly adapt to the changing environment.

FAQs and Overview
Tools and Templates

These links within our Covid-19 Safety Plan may be helpful in developing shorter term policies specific to a pandemic:

Exploring Further

CDC (During a pandemic, the CDC will provide important guidance on what safety procedures should be put in place, and whether travel restrictions may apply.)

OSHA (During a pandemic, OSHA will release information specific to changes in OSHA requirements for reporting or safety.)

NCDHHS (During a pandemic, the STATE DHHS often will have specific information related to requirements and recommendations for your area.)

NC Governor’s Orders (During a pandemic make sure to look at state and local orders which may affect your business.)