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COVID/Pandemic Toolkit

Being prepared for a pandemic allows your organization to be nimble in the case of a crisis. You can quickly recall what websites to visit for guidance as you customize your plan for any new disease. Each situation is different; therefore, your response may vary in terms of safety protocols, but having a basic guide in place allows you to quickly adapt to the changing environment.

FAQs and Overview
  • Catapult’s Covid Safety Plan and Associated Policies can be customized by adding new links specifically relevant to upcoming pandemics or other infectious diseases. While not each piece of this plan will apply, it will help you know where to begin. We have included links to specific sections of this Safety Plan as a resource in the Tools and Templates section of this toolkit. The overall plan includes:
    • Infectious Disease Committee Meeting and Communication Plans
    • Plans related to re-opening, travel/meeting, high risk employees and safety practices
    • Plans related to visitor and employee health screening
    • Attendance and leave policies
  • FEMA’s Pandemic Influenza Template – another resources to help you develop a plan for your organization.
  • Catapult’s tool for assessing quarantine and isolation periods: Evaluating COVID Contact and Cases.
  • Catapult’s Re-Opening Checklist helps you think through your strategy for re-opening the office for in-person work.
  • Catapult’s Unmasking Planning Tool can assist with decision-making related to return to work.
  • Catapults Vaccination Planning Tool provides guidance on options: mandating, educating and incentivizing.
  • Catapults Managing Hybrid (Remote/In-Person staff) Tool provides supports for managers on engaging and leading a hybrid team.
Tools and Templates

These links within our Covid-19 Safety Plan may be helpful in developing shorter term policies specific to a pandemic:

Exploring Further

CDC (During a pandemic, the CDC will provide important guidance on what safety procedures should be put in place, and whether travel restrictions may apply.)

OSHA (During a pandemic, OSHA will release information specific to changes in OSHA requirements for reporting or safety.)

NCDHHS (During a pandemic, the STATE DHHS often will have specific information related to requirements and recommendations for your area.)

NC Governor’s Orders (During a pandemic make sure to look at state and local orders which may affect your business.)