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First impressions are important – the first year of an employee’s service is highly predictive of their overall success and satisfaction with your company.

Creating an onboarding process that goes beyond the typical HR orientation will support your new employees and ensure they feel well-prepared and “heard”. Documenting the process and ensuring each staff member involved understands their role is vital to the success of any Onboarding program.

Considering the benefits of great onboarding, you can quickly distance yourself from the competition, especially considering that:

  • Strong onboarding increases employee retention/productivity: Several studies, including 2020 Glassdoor research, confirm that great employee onboarding can improve these numbers by anywhere from 70 – 82%.
  • Most companies are not great at onboarding: Only about one in ten employees feel that their onboarding was done well.
  • Most corporate onboarding ends at week 1: New employees need more support than most companies are currently offering.

While recruiting and performance management are both important to retention, onboarding is often overlooked. When an employee feels welcomed and cared for, their positive feelings carry over to other parts of their employment and they are more willing to forgive minor issues in their employment at a later date.

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Tools and Templates

Catapult provides the following templates and links if you need a starting point for your own tools:

Exploring Further

The basics are just a starting place. If you wish to explore further, check out this information:

  • I-9 Central – A great place to start for guidance about completing an I-9 correctly.
  • – A source for all things E-verify.
  • I-9 Employer Manual
  • Catapult offers an Applicant Tracking System and Background Service – click here – which provides:
    • I-9 and E-Verify tools.
    • Integration with HCM offerings (to quickly add the employee to payroll)
  • Catapult offers training on orientations and onboarding – search for courses here.
  • Catapult offers the Predictive Index which can help you integrate the employee into your team and support your manager and the employee as they work to learn the best ways to communicate together.