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Recruiting isn’t a one-size-fits-all process,

but there are a lot of overlapping truths regardless of industry or position type!

Federal, state and regional laws are updated frequently, meaning your attention is split between staying compliant and incoming applications. Plus, best practices evolve as quickly as recruiting technologies are introduced. Not to mention juggling everything else on your to-do list…

With all that’s involved in recruitment, sometimes all you need is a little support.


If you’re a hiring employer, use the pre-drafted and pre-reviewed templates below to save time and effort.

Catapult recruitment experts have compiled these resources to help you ensure nothing is overlooked during your company’s recruitment journey, including strategies to:

  • Build more diverse teams
  • Attract talent with the right skillset
  • Offer selected candidates a position 
  • Stay compliant with legal hiring guidelines

Recruiting should be a key focus in strategic planning meetings, and using these tools ensures your organization stays updated on an ongoing basis.

By the way: If you realize your business needs more support in the recruiting journey, check out Catapult’s array of recruitment services for employers of all sizes. We can help with everything, including strategic consultations, start-to-finish hiring, and more.

The Recruitment Toolkit

FAQs and Overview
  • Catapult’s Recruiting Process FAQ walks you through information related to key recruiting topics:
    • Job posting
    • Application review
    • Legal interviewing
    • Reference/Background/Drug Screening
    • Offer Letters
  • The EEOC’s Considerations on Arrest and Convictions in Hiring provides guidance on using the Green Factors in making hiring decisions related to conviction and arrest records.
Exploring Further

The basics are just a starting place. If you wish to explore further, check out this information:

  • Catapult partners with the Predictive Index for validated tools (assessments and interview guides) that help you hire right – click here.
  • Catapult offers an in-house Background Checking Service – click here – which can assist with:
    • Reference checks.
    • Background checks (criminal, credit, etc.)
    • I-9 and E-verify tools.
  • Catapult provides recruitment support and executive search through our Recruiting Consultants.
  • Catapult offers training on hiring – click here to search for courses.
  • Catapult offers support in creating a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Plan to ensure diverse new hires that contribute in unique ways to your company’s success. See our DE&I toolkit.
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