Catapult launched in 2021, when Capital Associated Industries of Raleigh and the Triad, and The Employers Association of Charlotte merged to form a powerful organization serving more than 2,000 employers across North Carolina and beyond. The merger combines the collective expertise of two well-respected associations founded in 1958 to help employers address their biggest challenges in creating exceptional workplaces.


Catapult’s seasoned HR and business experts help member companies address immediate and long-term challenges with a library of resources, data-driven insights and expertise, and a dynamic member community. It facilitates peer-to-peer connections among members to support the broader business community and acts as an employer advocate on governmental standards and regulations. Catapult also actively collects and analyzes salary, benefits, and policy data to offer business intelligence that helps employers compete for, attract, and retain top talent.

Catapult is committed to helping its members achieve HR operational excellence, peer and community connection, and competitive insight. Our team offers unparalleled and high-touch personal interaction and HR support.