Workplace diversity is good for your people and great for business. A Gartner study predicts through 2022, 75% of companies with diverse and inclusive decision-making teams will exceed their financial targets. And in PwC’s 18th Annual Global Survey, 85% of CEOs said a diversified and inclusive workplace population improved their bottom line.

Study after study has shown that diversity promotes greater employee engagement and boosts business. But building a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workforce is more than who you hire: It’s about creating a culturally vibrant workplace where each and every employee feels safe, accepted, and valued.

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Inspired workplaces embrace diversity, equity, and inclusiveness.
Individual focus

Enroll individual employees in our enlightening, live, interactive 2-hour virtual overview of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Or dive deeper into specific issues such as microaggression, empowering women, engaging disabled employees, recruiting, and more in our new webinar series. Attendees gain a heightened self-awareness as the experienced instructors provide strategies for creating an inclusive workplace culture. Through self-assessment, lively discussions, small-group breakout exercises, and interactive technology, this course teaches skills and understanding necessary to build an inclusive workforce to facilitate organizational success. 

Private Group Training

If a group of employees could benefit from any of our diversity courses, we can book a special training session and tailor the content to your workplace needs and schedule. 

Diversity Consultant Partnerships

Our diversity specialists work directly with your leadership team to build a more diverse workforce. In this longer-term engagement, they’ll moderate planning sessions with executives, provide training and education to employees, formulate ongoing plans, collect employee feedback, examine and evaluate company policies, and help you measure the success of your efforts. 

Employee Feedback

Learn more about your employees’ views on diversity through a customized employee survey. We’ll develop the questionnaire, administer the survey, compile the results, and provide a snapshot of your employees’ opinions, as well as compare your results to nationwide surveys. 

Peer Support

We host a quarterly diversity roundtable for our member organizations. Like-minded professionals join together in a discussion moderated by a diversity expert. Attendees share personal experiences, discuss topical issues, and offer advice from the employers’ perspective. 

Leadership Development

Catapult provides on-site mentors and advisors for employees new to the HR team or function. Our coaches guide and advise on strategic HR initiatives—including diversity, equity, and inclusion—to help team members gain confidence and skill in their role. Learn more.

Team Building

Catapult’s facilitated team-building process helps teams improve interpersonal dynamics, build effectiveness, eliminate challenges and obstacles and agree on optimal behaviors around diversity, equity, and inclusion for the future. 

Recruiting and Hiring Practices

If your recruitment process needs retooling to attract more diverse candidates, consult with our experts. The Catapult team has sourced and placed hundreds of candidates in the last 15 years, including HR professionals, IT workers, and C-suite leaders. We can source, screen, and select qualified candidates, both in North Carolina and around the country. Learn more.



Building a diverse culture isn’t easy.

Diversity initiatives require active participation from the C-suite down. They entail continuous education, ongoing awareness, and resolute commitment. 

At Catapult, we reach across the broader business community to help employers advance diversity initiatives. We work with employers on multiple fronts to build inclusive corporate cultures that reflect the changing face of today’s workforce. By doing so, we provide support that meets your organization at its own unique starting point.

Our approach includes:

Building and maintaining a diverse and inclusive workplace empowers your employees, energizes your business, and grows the business community.

Get started now.