Our Learning Approach

Set your teams up for success by investing in their growth with Catapult’s portfolio of classes.


Ongoing opportunities to learn are essential in keeping employees motivated. For your business and your people, invest in learning and professional growth to maintain workplaces where everyone can thrive.

Our portfolio of courses is designed to fit current best practices, proven strategies and interactive activities.

New material is constantly incorporated to align with today’s challenges and business demands.

Our flexible Class Formats empower you to create meaningful, targeted learning experiences.

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Whether your team best connects in person or online, in public or in private groups, we tailor courses to your team needs. 

Select an option below to see the delivery format benefits. 

Virtual Live

All the advantages of traditional classroom training, but with added flexibility and convenience. Learn from a live subject matter expert in a public, interactive and engaging virtual experience.



Private Group

Our instructors provide customized training of any offered Catapult courses specifically for your team. Whether your office is in-person or virtual, we'll craft a course to your needs. 

Plus, Catapult Members receive up to 25% off on private group learnings.

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Available in our Raleigh, Charlotte and Triad locations, in-person classes are an excellent way to socialize your team with learnings in a public setting amongst other professionals.



Perfect for individuals or groups to work at their own pace, we offer 300+ professional development courses through a convenient, flexible, and self-directed online training platform.



Learning Topics

Choose from hundreds of courses across five key areas

Management & Leadership Skills

Supervisors and managers are key to healthy, happy and productive teams.

Whether you’re a new team leader or an experienced manager, our leadership programs are designed around the competencies your leaders need to have the greatest impact and maximize hands-on learning and retention of key concepts through practical application.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Fostering an inclusive environment in the workplace is essential to attracting and retaining top talent. Plus, inclusivity brings different perspectives into the organization and helps employees feel safe.

Help your employees understand the nuances of being an inclusive organization and their roles within it.

Human Resources

We’re your skilled partner for all things HR, including ongoing professional development.

Whether you’re new to human resources or a seasoned professional, we offer courses that help improve your skills in managing even the most complex situations.

Professional Skills

We understand employers and the skills that help organizations thrive.

Our professional skills program contains courses that will help you stand out amongst peers and accelerate your contributions to your team and organization.

Technology & Computer Skills

Whether you’re using an application for the first time or you want to grow your existing skillset, we offer multiple levels of training for each of our technology topics to best fit you and your team’s needs.

If You're ready to invest in training opportunities for your company, or have questions...

Our Learning Team can help you explore options for customized learning plans for your organization, answer questions about specific courses, and more. Let’s talk!