Outsourcing your recruiting places the talent search in seasoned, capable hands, so your HR team can focus on employee engagement and retention.


The hiring process can be as stressful for the employer as job-hunting is for the worker. Finding employees that enhance your company culture is a tall order, and a bad hire can have far-reaching repercussions.

First, the facts:

  • Recruiters spend a third of their work week sourcing candidates.
  • Bad hires can result in a 32% drop in employee morale and a 36% drop in productivity.
  • On average, companies lose $14,900 on every bad hire.
  • A recruiter combs through about 250 resumes for every job post.
  • 78% of employers feel they do a good job setting expectations throughout the hiring process, but only 47% of jobseekers agree.
  • 48% of applicants say the pre-employment screening experience affects how favorably they view a potential employer.

That’s a lot of pressure. When it comes to hiring decisions, leave nothing to chance.

The recruiting process is the first step in your future employee’s journey with your organization. It’s important to make a good first impression. And it’s even more critical to choose employees who will bring creativity, productivity, and positive energy to work with them every day.


Make recruitment a priority.

Recruitment is a full-time job, but most organizations lack the bandwidth to hire a full-time recruiter. Outsourcing your recruiting efforts to Catapult ensures your hiring process receives the time and attention it deserves.

Recruiting options

Catapult’s Professional Search Services

An experienced recruiter works closely with you to develop a customized position and candidate profile, including the goals and key challenges of the position as well as the experience, qualifications. and competencies required for success:

  • Determines best recruiting targets for your specific needs, addressing skill set, experience and cultural fit
  • Targeted search utilizing current search tools, such as LinkedIn Recruiter, along with proactive professional networking to locate and attract the highest quality candidates for your position
  • Rigorous competency-based phone interviews with the most promising candidates, focusing on proven skills, knowledge, abilities, and aptitudes outlined in the position specification
  • Compiles list of candidates with strong qualifications for the position
  • Regular communication with you throughout the search, sharing market feedback and search status updates
  • Assistance with negotiations regarding compensation and other terms with final candidate
Catapult's Contract Recruiting Services

We also offer customizable recruiting services to fit your needs. With scalable services, remote or on-site consultants, and proven processes, we have the flexibility to create the solution you need, functioning as an extension of your existing team.

  • Full lifecycle recruiting support in partnership with hiring managers, HR, and senior management for open positions within the company
  • Sourcing support with a focus on developing and filling your pipeline with qualified candidates
  • Candidate screening support of inbound talent sourced from candidate portals

The Catapult team has sourced and placed hundreds of candidates in the last 15 years, including HR professionals, IT workers, and C-suite leaders. We can source, screen, and select qualified candidates, both in North Carolina and around the country. We also leverage assessment tools and talent optimization via The Predictive Index to ensure your new hires are a good match for your workplace culture.

We tailor our recruiting services to fit your needs, providing the level of service that complements your HR staff. And unlike other placement services, we don’t charge a percentage of the hiring salary; we work on an hourly or flat-fee basis.