Are you reaching the right talent pools? What about your internal hiring capacity? Whatever your Recruitment Challenges, we’re here.

You Need Full Personalized Support

Recruitment is a full-time job, and most organizations lack the bandwidth to hire a full-time recruiter. Yet hiring the right people with limited capacity is a sure way to attract and select the wrong fit for your company. That error can result in lower retention, poor employee engagement and an unhealthy company culture. (Yikes.)

Outsourcing your recruiting efforts to Catapult ensures your hiring process receives the time and attention it deserves.

Plus, unlike other placement services, we don’t charge a percentage of the hiring salary.

We work on an hourly or flat-fee basis, affording you significant savings.

How We Plug Into Your Business

Our Recruiting Services

Here’s how we’ll help.

We offer customizable recruiting services to fit your needs!

With scalable services, remote or on-site consultants, and proven processes, we’ve got the flexibility you need to create personalized solutions. 

We’re an extension of your team because we…

  • Fulfill full lifecycle recruiting support in partnership with your hiring managers, HR and senior management.
  • Offer Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO).

Here’s what we’ll do.

An experienced recruiter works closely with you to develop a customized position and candidate profile, including the goals and key challenges of the position.

Plus, we’ll help define experience qualifications and competencies required for success.

Key services

  • We determine best recruiting targets for your specific needs. Let’s address skill set, experience and cultural fit.
  • We’ll target the right recruitment vehicles. (Think LinkedIn Recruiter and proactive professional networking within our network!)
  • We perform rigorous competency-based phone interviews with the most promising candidates. Proven skills, knowledge, abilities and aptitudes are our focus.
  • We’ll compile ranked lists of candidates with strong qualifications for the position.
  • We share market feedback and search status updates regularly throughout the search.
  • We’ll assist with negotiations about compensation and other terms with the final candidate.

Connect with an expert to see how our many recruitment solutions options fit into your business strategy!


You’ve got a lot going on and all you need are a few resources to save your team time and capacity. You generally have recruitment covered, but a power boost would be ideal.

We’ve created our Recruiting Toolkit to empower you with pre-drafted tools, templates, FAQs, suggested readings, and more. 

On your schedule, access pre-reviewed and compliant solutions crafted by our experienced professionals. Through our Recruitment Toolkit, rest assured you’re not overlooking any detail—during any stage—of the recruiting process. 

Why We’re the Right Team for the Job

Experienced is who we are. Catapult experts have sourced and placed thousands of candidates in the last 2o years.

Any role? Got it. We’ve connected businesses to HR professionals, IT workers and even C-suite leaders.

We work everywhere. Catapult sources, screens and selects qualified candidates across the Carolinas, the region and the country.

In addition to our recruiting services, we have several professional assessments to help match potential employees to your workplace culture. Interested? Let’s connect!