Let’s face it; work would be easier if:

  • Employees could access HR functions from their phones
  • Workers could track time with web-based time clocks
  • Your team could access all employee files online
  • Accounting could process payroll from any location
  • Employee files were protected by superior security

Simplify HR Processes

If you’re still using manual processes to carry out basic HR functions, or if you spend your day moving around multiple, single-process software packages, there’s a much easier way.

HR technology platforms integrate payroll, attendance, recruiting, applicant tracking, onboarding, and ACA compliance data into one dashboard. The technology enables quick cross-referencing, automatic updates, and easy access to employee information.

Stop overpaying for multiple software solutions that only do half the work. Throw out those piles of paper and overflowing file cabinets. Give up on double- and triple-checking figures for errors. There are much more worthwhile tasks that need your attention.

HR technology automates busy work so you have more time to do work that matters.

Cloud-based HCM+ solutions automate rote tasks and provide employees with self-service options.


We’ll be honest: HR technology does require an initial investment. And it’s not right for every employer. But automating payroll, benefits, and other HR functions will save your HR team a lot of time, giving back hours to spend on value-added tasks.

Automating HR records and functions benefits all employees — rather than repeatedly filling out forms as benefits and life circumstances change, workers enter information once, and all their “paperwork” is automatically populated. When they have changes or questions, they can check the online self-service portal to take immediate action.

Additionally, your HR platform integrates with applicant tracking and background checking databases, so the HR team can easily track and manage all employee records, from the application for employment to retirement and offboarding.


We evaluate a number of criteria to help you decide if your company can benefit by deploying an HR technology platform. We look at the number of employees, the size of your HR department, the complexity of your benefits offering, your reporting needs, and your compliance requirements. Then we crunch the numbers to see how HR technology could impact your bottom line.


Choosing the right tech platform can be time-consuming and overwhelming. We’ve already done the heavy lifting, evaluating a variety of providers. We partner with APS because its platform is flexible, adaptable, customizable, and affordable.  Learn more about the APS platform.

APS is known for its excellent customer service, which tops our list of vendor criteria. We also found the APS platform user-friendly, highly customizable, and easily configurable. Most of all, we like its unified, integrated dashboard that gives you access to multiple HR functions at a glance.

When you purchase your HR technology platform through Catapult, you get:

  • An “on-call” HR technology expert and advocate
  • Award-winning customer support
  • Flexible, configurable systems
  • Guaranteed compliance
  • Training
  • Return on investment
  • And, if you’re a Catapult member, special discounted pricing
Any questions?
Learn more about HR technology options. Our specialists can explain potential applications and the benefits to your organization.