Great Leaders Aren't Born. They're Coached.

Skilled leadership is critical to an organization’s success.

Gallup’s chief scientist says that 75% of employees leave their job due to poor management. And the 2018 Global Leadership Forecast found organizations that provide leadership training to employees outside of the current management team were 4.2 times more likely to financially outperform those that don’t.

You can’t afford not to invest in leadership development.

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Identify Potential Leaders

You’ve probably identified emerging HR leaders in your organization: They demonstrate a lot of raw talent but might be rough around the edges. Maybe you found an employee who has no formal HR experience but is a natural at working with your people. Perhaps your finance or administrative manager has taken on HR as part of their workload and needs some direction. 
Give those talented and trusted employees the tools and training they need to succeed in their HR roles, and your entire organization wins.

On-Site HR Coaching

Catapult provides on-site mentors and advisors for employees new to the HR team or function.  Our coaches guide and advise on strategic HR initiatives as your team members gain confidence and skill in their HR role.

Catapult’s coaching services provide seasoned HR professionals to your organization for a fraction of the cost. Mentors accelerate your staff’s professional growth, educating them on compliance issues and teaching them best practices. They serve as a high-level resource for guiding key projects and formulating HR strategies, all on a part-time basis.

Performance Coach

Designed to help your organization develop highly skilled individuals and measurably improve team performance. We assess and address obstacles and limiting behaviors that can impede an individual’s ability to be successful in your organization.

Developmental Coach

Develop business, leadership, and people skills in managers, high-potential individuals, key positions, and senior staff. Developmental coaching ensures you develop and retain future leaders.

360° Feedback Coach

Use 360° assessment feedback to gain a better understanding of managers’ strengths and their areas that need development. The recipients gain insight into how they are perceived, the impact of their behaviors, and how they can improve.

Organizations use 360° assessment feedback to help develop future leaders; support current leaders’ development in their existing roles; and to prevent derailment of a leader who may have blind spots or is exhibiting inappropriate behaviors.