Catapult advocates for employers in the NC General assembly.

We’re a founding member of the Employers Coalition of North Carolina (ECNC), the only group in North Carolina focused on representing the voice of N.C. employers in workplace-related legislation and regulation.

We focus on real-world problems and offer real-world solutions. ECNC plays a pivotal role in setting the legislative agenda for employers of all sizes.

How we act

ECNC is represented in the NC General Assembly by lobbyist Connie Wilson, a former NC legislator who is consistently ranked as one of the top lobbyists in the state. ECNC:

  • Runs grassroots communications campaigns aimed at shaping workplace legislation
  • Testifies locally on legislative committees
  • Opposes legislation harmful to employers and job growth
  • Assists in drafting and revising workplace-friendly bills
  • Educates legislators on workplace issues


defeat the “Wilkes Bill”

Organized a grassroots campaign of Catapult Members to help defeat the “Wilkes Bill,” which would have substantially raised worker’s compensation costs in NC.

Changes to the state unemployment system

ECNC co-sponsored an expert study that recommended important changes to the state unemployment system. It also outlined how to repay our $2.8 billion federal debt. A reform law passed in 2013, based in part on the study.

Challenge to Industrial Commission medical fee schedules

ECNC led the successful challenge to Industrial Commission medical fee schedules that helped make NC one of the highest-cost workers compensation systems. This initiative saved tens of millions of dollars.

remove "guns in employee trunks" language from a bill

ECNC helped remove “guns in employee trunks” language from a bill that would have overridden company rules against weapons on site.

defeating a bill that would have greatly expanded NC’s garnishment laws

ECNC was successful in defeating a bill that would have greatly expanded NC’s garnishment laws requiring employers to garnish employee wages for practically any debt owed.

Successful in stopping a bill requiring veteran Reporting

ECNC worked closely with a coalition concerned about a bill that would require corporations and LLCs to include the number of veterans they employ on their annual report to the Secretary of State’s Office. The coalition was successful in stopping the bill in the House.


Catapult and other partners across the state ensured the voice of employers was heard, and our NC legislators responded appropriately. Senate Bill 114, which maintains the 2020 UI experienced base rate of 1.9% instead of raising it for 2021 as previously planned, was passed resultingly.