Your compensation strategy Says a lot about your company.

Pay philosophy speaks volumes about how your business values its employees, how effectively it operates internally, and whether your best talent is open to new opportunities elsewhere. 

If you’re ready to resolve low talent attraction and retainment, outsource your compensation structuring to us. 

With access to high-quality, statistically sound data, Catapult comp experts help you:

  • Budget more intelligently
  • Inspire better employee performance
  • Ensure legal compliance and internal equity
  • Attract the talent you want
  • Create your ideal, thriving company culture

Reward Competitively While Scaling Sustainably

Building a comprehensive pay structure isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. That’s why our experts work with you to develop and implement personalized compensation programs, taking into account your industry’s national, statewide and regional benchmarks. 

We’ll help you create actionable plans, oversee project execution, and even train your staff on modern solutions to compensation analysis. Let’s work together to create a compensation strategy that supports your company’s stable, measured growth.

Together, we can personalize your compensation package:

  • Design a Total Rewards strategy
  • Execute market pricing research
  • Design a customized salary structure
  • Assess pay equity
  • Create incentive plans
  • Communicate your value

Let’s build your compensation strategy

Contact Jackie Esposito, Catapult HR Compensation Advisor & Business Partner, to evaluate your current structure and build a compelling and competitive compensation strategy that supports your business growth.

Additional Catapult Solutions


Today’s savviest employers know that compensation is more than just pay. During our compensation analysis, Catapult experts will identify complementary Total Rewards benefits like wellness initiatives, childcare stipends, flexible scheduling, and other creative compensation approaches right for your business. 


Inform your AAP with experience and expertise so it’s not only OFCCP-compliant, but also enriches your workplace and empowers your workforce.


Outsourcing recruiting services places your talent search in seasoned, capable hands, so your HR team can focus on employee engagement and retention.


Our regional and national survey reports support your data-driven people strategy, so you’ll attract and retain the best talent.