Fractional HR

Our consultants evaluate your HR needs, implement best practices, fill gaps and even train your staff. 

Local HR professionals. Flexible options.

Human Resources is critical to the success of every organization, yet it can be difficult to allocate the time and attention HR requires. We help you focus less on paperwork and more on your people.

We offer a range of flexible resources that augment, enhance and grow your human resources department. That’s how we build a personalized approach your business needs to achieve its goals.

No matter your business’ size, industry or org chart, Catapult offers support strategically tailored to you.

Teams we support sound like:

    • “I’m an HR team of one who needs an extra hand with year-end reporting.”
    • “My HR manager is on leave, and I need an interim hire who can hit the ground running.”
    • “Our growing company needs a leader who can build our HR department from the ground up.”
    • “We need a recruiting specialist to widen and diversify our search scope.”
    • “Our startup needs an HR director, but not full-time.”

immediate, affordable solutions to HR challenges.

We’re available for projects, temporary assignments, coaching, and comprehensive HR outsourcing.

Designed to provide you with flexibility, efficiency, and a proven return on investment, our services are customizable to meet the needs of your organization.

We work with your business in four ways.

If you need help in specialized areas or just require a neutral third-party to assess and evaluate, our team can handle special projects including:


Our team ensures HR continuity during leaves of absence, transitions, or supplementing existing staff when you need additional short-term support including:


  • Fill-in during leave
  • Fill-in during transition between HR managers
  • Expansions, reorganizations, or downsizing
  • Starting up an HR department

Designed to handle larger, long-term tasks or specific job functions for a period of time, such as:


  • Full responsibility for managing the HR function of the company
  • Responsibility for a specific HR function like recruiting, compensation and benefits, and more

We provide on-site mentors/advisors for those who are new to HR, have no formal HR experience, or for those in leadership roles who have HR responsibilities or oversight, such as:


  • Newly promoted HR professionals
  • HR assistant, financial staff or administrative assistant assuming HR functions
  • Management (HR or otherwise) accountable for strategic HR initiatives

Our Expertise

Our fractional leaders help organizations of all sizes with a wide variety of HR functions.

Let's solve your Human Resources challenges.

Whether it’s bandwidth, experience, skillset or something else that’s holding your business back, connect with our experts to determine how we’ll help.