Catapult Membership Benefits

Catapult is your partner in creating more exceptional workplaces. Our experts, resources, and tools expand your bandwidth and extend your business capabilities.

Feeling overwhelmed? Struggling to recruit and retain the talent you need? Worried about compliance?

You’re not alone — and we’re here to help.

Membership with Catapult Employers Association offers your business a direct line to our HR Advice team and other experts ready to guide you through HR and employment law challenges. 

Membership benefits

Our Standard and Premium membership plans include the expertise and resources you need to create an exceptional workplace and more successful employees.

  • 24/7 HR Advice
  • Employment Law Advice
  • Member Navigators
  • Evergreen Local and National Data (Payscale)
  • HR Policy and Benefits Data
  • Wage and Salary Data
  • Compensation Data and Trends
  • HR Compliance Tools and Resources
  • Events and Education
  • HRCI Credits and Exam Discounts
  • Member Alerts and Newsletters
  • Member Orientations
Click the sections below to learn more about each of these unique benefits.
Unlimited 24/7 HR Advice

Our member-exclusive, best-in-class unlimited HR advice gives you timely access to professional HR advisors when and how you need them:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Live Chat

Our seasoned experts respond quickly and collaborate across leadership levels to determine whether your policies and benefits are competitive and compliant and whether your current strategies support your business goals. 

Meet our HR Advice team.


Premium members will have a dedicated HR Advisor who will serve as a collaborative partner. 


Having a single point of contact to navigate you through Premium membership ensures continuity and allows for greater efficiency and problem-solving. 


Premium members can still connect with our team of HR Advisors if their dedicated advisor is unavailable. 

Employment Law Advice

Our member-exclusive Employment Law Advice offers unrivaled access to experienced attorneys focused solely on employment law.

Market rates for attorneys at this level typically range from $500–$650 per hour. 

Employment-related lawsuits take an average of 318 days to resolve, with average costs of $160,000 in attorney and settlement fees. (Source: Hiscox 2017). Fines and penalties from government agencies can be equally costly and typically result in additional scrutiny. 

Catapult members receive Employment Law Advice with their annual plans:

  • Standard: 5 hours/year*
  • Premium: Unlimited - see Premium Exclusive tab for details 

Standard members who need more than 5 hours will pay a discounted rate of $300/hour.
Additional hours will be invoiced by Soule Law Firm. 

Commonly used services include:  

  • Independent contractor agreements interplay between FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act), ADA, Workers’ Comp, and STD/LTD 
  • Assisting in the evaluation of exempt and non-exempt positions 
  • W-2 Employees versus 1099 Independent Contractors 
  • Wage deductions, especially with exempt employees  
  • Helping members sort through discipline and termination  
  • Review of employment contracts 

*"5 hours/year" and “Unlimited
” refer to the hours available to the Member for Covered Plan Services under Catapult’s Employment Law Advice Services Plan. See Catapult’s Employment Law Advice Plan Terms at for full details. 

PREMIUM EXCLUSIVE: Unlimited Employment Law Advice

Premium members receive unlimited* access to our exclusive Employment Law Advice, which offers unrivaled access to experienced attorneys focused solely on employment law.

Having unlimited access to the attorneys means that you can be assured that you have mitigated the risk to your organization
 Market rates for attorneys at this level typically start at $500 per hour. 

* “Unlimited
” refers to the hours available to the Member for Covered Plan Services under Catapult’s Employment Law Advice Services Plan. See Catapult’s Employment Law Advice Plan Terms at for full details. 

Member Navigators

Our Member Navigators guide you through your benefits and help you maximize your membership. 


From Member Orientations to introduce you to Catapult's many resources to ongoing and immediate responses to help you negotiate organizational challenges, our Member Navigators are dedicated to offering exceptional service and support.

PREMIUM EXCLUSIVE: Customized Services

Premium members also enjoy  a variety of customized services each year. 


Full Handbook Review or Mini HR Audit (one option per year) | $2,000 Value


  • Comprehensive Handbook Review
    • A well-prepared employee handbook helps your organization defend against employee claims. When faced with an employment-related lawsuit one of the most useful documents you can provide your attorney with will be a copy of your handbook.  
    • The Handbook Review involves up to 8 hours of consultant time and includes a one-on-one consultation and more. 
  • Mini HR Audit 
    • We understand how hard it can be to keep up with the ever-changing HR compliance landscape.  
    • Our HR Mini Audit involves up to 8 hours of consultation, including one-on-one coaching with action steps to correct issues and mitigate risk. 
  • Annual Employee Engagement Survey | $1,500 Value 
    • Engagement surveys can measure what matters most to employees and to the health of your organization’s culture.
    • Surveys can serve as an early warning for problems that are brewing within the workforce.  
    • Our survey measures employee opinions on a variety of work-related topics, including organizational effectiveness, leadership, culture, pay and benefits, and job satisfaction. 
  • Personalized Compliance Training | $1,125 Value 
    • Three (3) seats for any of Catapult's 3-hour Learning & Development sessions: 
      • Understanding and Preventing Workplace Harassment for Managers and Supervisors
      • Workplace Laws for Managers and Supervisors
      • Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) 
    • 1.5-hour one-on-one compliance coaching session with your HR Advisor

Wage and Salary Data

Catapult's wide range of wage and salary data give you a competitive edge in today's job market. 


  • North Carolina Wage and Salary 
    • Companies can submit salary data and receive aggregated benchmark data for 550 jobs across 6 regions served by Catapult, including North Carolina and surrounding states 
    • 1,100+ page report with executive summary of overall wage and salary trends and projections 
    • Includes fact sheet for each job offered with breakdown of wages by percentiles and by all data cuts
    • All aggregated salary data is also provided in Excel format so members can customize data cuts 
  • National Executive Compensation 
    • 1,607 reporting member organizations of 14 participating employers associations across 48 states 
    • Includes compensation data for over 10,000 executives across 47 positions, including a variety of benefits, perquisites, and stock ownership 
    • Data cuts by Sales Volume, Employment Size, Industry, Region, State, and Metropolitan Statistical Area 
  • National IT and Engineering 
    • 1,612 reporting organizations representing over 31,000 employees for over 200 jobs 
    • Executive summary provides insight on trends such as turnover and retention, and annual merit/general increase statistics 
    • Data cuts provided by geographic area, organization size, industry, annual revenue, profit status, and metropolitan statistical area 
  • National Sales Compensation  
    • 1,418 reporting organizations representing over 7,000 employees for over 21 sales positions 
    • Executive summary provides insight on sales compensation specific trends, such as base pay calculations, incentives, and perks 
    • Data cuts provided by geographic area, organization size, industry, annual revenue, profit status, and metropolitan statistical area 
  • National Wage and Salary 
    • Reporting on over 150 benchmark jobs inclusive of over 190,000 nationwide employees 
    • General reporting cut by geographic areas 
    • Data provided by 19 employers associations' local wage and salary submissions throughout 2022 

PREMIUM EXCLUSIVE: Full Access to Payscale Peer

Premium members receive full access to Payscale Peer — real-time local and national data at no additional cost. 

Peer is the industry’s only on-demand employer-reported market tool where users can fully customize the filters and scopes of their data cut. 

In today’s competitive labor market, organizations cannot flourish if they can’t attract and retain the best employees.

The ability to conduct real-time analysis of thousands of job titles ensures that you have the knowledge to remain competitive.

Benefits of the Peer platform:


  • Aggregation of employer-reported salary data mapped to a common job taxonomy of benchmark positions and curated by our team of compensation professionals
  • Over 5,000 benchmark jobs spanning all industries, departments, and levels
  • Compensation policies reflect the culture of the organization. Employers who pay fairly for competitive positions and foster open dialogue around pay will build more trusting relationships with their employees that, in turn, will impact the bottom line.  
  • In addition to combating discriminatory pay practices, offering fair compensation: 
    • Motivates employees 
    • Improves employee engagement 
    • Increases productivity and profitability 
    • Reduces turnover 
    • Reflects your company culture 
    • Attracts top talent 
    • Access to this resource includes: 
      • Unlimited job quick pricing and compensation projects 
      • Unlimited data cuts with industry filters 
      • Captures new jobs, fast-moving geos, and emerging industries 
      • Zip code (local), national and global data 
      • DOJ and FTC Safe Harbor compliant for data privacy and security 

HR Policy and Benefits Data

Your membership includes local trend data surveys that offer open participation. 

  • Workplace Culture and Pay Practices 
    • Focused on general work policy, employee experience and work/life balance 
    • Includes health and wellness, social responsibility, and DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) 
    • General pay practices, total reward offerings, and recognition 
  • Employee Lifecycle 
    • Hiring, staffing, pre-employment assessments and screening, signing incentives, orientation, and onboarding 
    • Performance appraisals and evaluations, development plans, disciplinary process 
    • Voluntary and involuntary separation policies, turnover 
  • Time Off and Holiday Practices 
    • Local trend data on vacation, sick, and PTO (Paid Time Off) – how much is awarded policies and restrictions regarding use 
    • Paid holiday data including specific honored holidays and general practice surrounding how that time is awarded 
    • Covers less frequent paid time off policy including jury duty, FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act), bereavement and parental leave 
  • Healthcare Benefits and Costs 
    • Benchmark survey allows employers to compare their medical, dental and vision plans 
    • Data is provided by both employer and employee costs, with data cuts for the most common family plan options 
    • Executive Summary includes general benefits policies and 5-year cost trends 
  • National Business Trends (EAA - Employers Association of America) 
    • 1100+ page report with results cut by 4 National Regions, states, and industry 
    • Focused on high level business operations, general growth and economic expectations and results, new process implementations and strategies 
    • Includes recent hot topic trends such as COVID-19, remote/hybrid work, employee retention, and their effects on business and operations 

Membership also includes data and trends that can help you shape a well-rounded compensation strategy. 


  • Compensation Trends Survey — 1st 30 Questions 
    • Executive Summary including Company Wage Structure and Pay Practices 
    • Average current and projected yearly increases including 5-year trends 
    • Statistics regarding performance pay, base pay, pay philosophy; with cuts by Industry, region, and employee classification 
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics Salary Data 
    • User-friendly database providing immediate access to salary data for hundreds of jobs 
    • Powered by data supplied by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this salary benchmarking tool generates a compensation report with annual or hourly compensation rates in every state for over 800 positions 

HR Compliance Tools and Resources

In addition to expert advice and actionable data, Catapult membership includes access to tools and resources that can save you time and ensure your compliance. 

  • Comprehensive HR Portal w/ State Law Comparison Tool 
    • Our online HR portal offers immediate access to online HR tools, forms, policies, and checklists 
    • Features step-by-step explanations of how to comply with the law to avoid penalties and prevent employee lawsuits
    • Over 400 downloadable forms, posters, and model notices
    • State and federal employment law information
  • Catapult Employment Law Guide 
    • NC and SC
    • The most comprehensive collection of employment laws; members can view online and receive a  hard copy
  • Employee Handbook Template 
    • An easily customizable Employee Handbook Template for an organization of any size or industry. 
    • Our HR Advice team continuously monitors and updates the template as laws and best practice guidance change.
  • State and Federal Posters 
    • Members can access all state and federal posters in the HR Portal 
    • Members can also use the Federal Poster Builder app to create they assets they need

Events and Education

Your Catapult membership includes exclusive roundtables and free events with HR leaders who share your pain points, plus member discounts on Catapult's professional development services. 

  • Peer Connections/Roundtables 
    • Monthly small-group conversations with like-minded professionals offer support, learning, and problem solving; additional roundtables will be held quarterly and focus on themed topics
  • Free Virtual Events – Compliance & Best Practices 
    • Including monthly Thinking Differently webinars with subject matter experts to simplify human resources hot topics so members can stay informed and ahead of the competition
  • Learning & Consulting Services Discounts (15–25%) 

Catapult’s additional services, such as background checking, benefits administration, and more are available at discounted rates for all members:


    • Compliance 
    • Investigations 
    • Audits (included in Premium only) 
    • Handbook creation 
    • Culture, Growth and Retention 
    • Recruiting 
    • Organizational Development 
    • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 
    • Competitive Data Intelligence 
    • Coaching 
    • Leadership Development 
    • Assessments 
    • Operations 
    • HR Technology 
    • Affirmative Action Plans 
    • Fractional/Interim/Outsourced HR  
    • Healthcare Benefits Administration (select implementation and set-up fees waived) 
    • Background Checking 
    • Drug Screening 

HRCI Credits and Exam Discounts

Your annual membership plan offers HRCI credit and discounts to support your professional development.


  • (12) HRCI Credit Hours Per Person/3-Year Cycle (aPHR®/PHR®/SPHR®/GPHR®) 
  • $50 HRCI Exam Fee Discount Per Person (aPHR®/PHR®/SPHR®/GPHR®) 

Learn more about Catapult's partnership with HRCI, including details on how to use exam discounts.

Member Alerts and Newsletters

Catapult members receive our weekly email newsletter, The Spark, plus special alerts for new legislation and changes in HR laws/policies. 

Member Orientations

Our Member Orientations explore the full range of membership benefits.

These 30-minute sessions offer deep dives into accessing your resources on our website and maximizing your benefits to meet your unique needs.

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