Affirmative Action plans: Go deeper than the document.

If your business holds government contracts, you’re familiar with Affirmative Action plans, which must be completed on a yearly basis if you want to remain a federal contractor or subcontractor.

Writing your plan is only the beginning. True compliance requires you make your plan meaningful by putting it into action. Inform your AAP with experience and expertise so it’s not only OFCCP-compliant, but it also enriches your workplace and empowers your workforce.

Catapult offers exceptional AAP consulting services well beyond writing a plan. We understand that companies need advice and support when navigating the changing landscape of federal contractor and sub-contractor requirements. In addition to writing Affirmative Action plans, we provide impact analysis, training, and OFCCP audit support.

Our Affirmative Action services include:

  • Comprehensive support to answer compliance questions
  • Comprehensive narratives
  • Workforce and job group analysis
  • Availability and utilization analysis
  • Adverse impact analysis
  • OFCCP compensation analysis
  • Up-to-date reports in compliance with current regulations
  • Interpreting regulations
  • Creation of a plan that is customized to your needs


OFCCP audits require extreme care and attention to detail. Catapult’s Affirmative Action specialists have supported companies through hundreds of OCFFP audits, so they’re experienced in anticipating agency questions and fulfilling regulatory requirements. During the audit, our specialists advise on company rights, correct addressable issues, and lessen negative impact of OFCCP findings. Our main goal is to reduce or eliminate any adverse monetary judgements during an audit.



Our professionals also can train your staff to maintain your status as an Affirmative Action employer. Other related training areas include diversity, selection, and interviewing, as well as all relevant legislation

Why trust Catapult?


We typically prepare your AAP in less time and for lower cost than if it were completed in-house.

Experienced Specialists

We support plan preparation, execution, training, self-audit, and more.

Complete compliance

Our first priority is your protection. Our AAPs are 100% compliant with OFCCP regulations.

Customized planning

We take pride in crafting a plan to fit your organization’s needs, while still meeting governmental requirements.

Companies trust Catapult with their Affirmative Action planning because we’ve been doing it for 30+ years. Our AAP experts have helped hundreds of employers successfully navigate their OCFFP audits with their deep knowledge of regulatory requirements and best practices. Our client companies tap into our expertise so they can spend their time and energy supporting employees.

Organizations choose to partner with Catapult because of the personable, attentive service they receive from our specialists. When they reach out to us, they immediately connect with an expert they know, who is familiar with their company and workplace. Additionally, we run the same reports as high-priced consulting firms and attorneys, but we offer advice without charging by the hour. 


Do I need an AAP?
You’d be surprised how many HR departments don’t know they need an Affirmative Action plan. Most contracts are finalized by sales and new business departments, who may not keep the HR team in the loop. But if your organization supplies a government agency or entity, and you don’t have a detailed AAP, there’s trouble ahead.
Who needs an Affirmative Action plan?

Companies with 50+ employees who hold a federal government contract or subcontract of $50,000 or more are required to not only follow affirmative action regulations, but also maintain an affirmative action plan. From the time you accept a government contract, you have 120 days to put your Affirmative Action programs in place, and you must develop a new AAP every year.

What happens if I don’t comply with the Department of Labor regulations?

If you fail your routine audit by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, your organization may lose its government contracts, and you may be disqualified from bidding on contracts in the future. Aside from lost revenue, you could be responsible for back pay claims for qualified applicants not hired, employees not promoted or those terminated, or for employees whose compensation is too low. In recent years, the OFCCP has recovered millions of dollars in financial settlements for Affirmative Action violations.