Thinking Differently

A Catapult Monthly Webinar

The business world evolves quickly. To stay competitive, Senior HR Professionals, Finance Leaders and C-Suite Executives need convenient information that’s engaging and dependable. That’s why Catapult presents our monthly Thinking Differently webinar series!

Our hosts break down Human Resources hot topics to provide you with the resources you need to overcome any modern business challenge. Plus, receive HRCI and SHRM recertification credits for your attendance!

With opportunities for Q&As, engaging guest speakers, and solutions to challenges local employers are facing, Thinking Differently is one of many ways Catapult Employer’s Association keeps you informed and focused on growing your business. Register for our next Thinking Differently webinar.

Our Recent Thinking Differently

Companies today must be vigilant about employee mental health, complete with provided resources to support employees. In our May installment, Ward Blanchard, CEO & Founder of The Blanchard Institute, shared best practices to keep substance abuse out of the workplace.  

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May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and it’s no secret the COVID Pandemic has put employees through tremendous stress. 

How do employers fit into this mix? How does this impact the workplace, and what can employers do to support employees?

On June 14, we’ll explore the topic “Building Your Culture.”

Our host CEO Cheryl Richards, Ph.D., will be joined by Debra Punke, Chief Human Resource Officer at Concord Hospitality, and Kirsten Lora, VP of Learning at Catapult.

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