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Employees will not be successful if the following performance elements are not in place:

  • Great onboarding (see separate toolkit) to include:
    • A strong understanding of your company’s values and culture
    • An understanding of their job and what success looks like in their role
    • An idea of career progression and other opportunities
    • A knowledge of the progressive corrective action process
  • Training in their role
  • Continual feedback, to include quarterly check-ins for seasoned employees.
  • Immediate, targeted feedback provided in a positive way when performance and behaviors are not in alignment with expectations

How can you achieve all these goals? Well-trained managers! So, don’t forget that every manager from the CEO to the line level supervisor should have training. This gets everyone on the same page, holding each other accountable for managing with values and addressing issues promptly.

FAQs and Overview Information
  • Catapult’s Job Descriptions FAQ provides you with the following information:
    • Why Job Descriptions are Important
    • How Job Descriptions Fit into Performance Management
    • How to Create a Job Description
  • Catapult’s Performance Management FAQ includes the following information:
    • Onboarding and Appraisals
    • Performance Issues
    • Progressive Corrective Action
  • Catapult’s Employee Retention and Turnover FAQ can help you understand the impact of turnover and the things you can do to increase retention for good employees.
Tools and Templates




  • Catapult’s Performance Improvement Plan can help you put in place a plan to address performance issues (this can be used with or without a corrective/disciplinary session).
  • Catapult’s Counseling Form can help you document performance and behavior issues.
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