New Document Required for FCRA Compliance

The federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) has been around for some time now, and most of us know the law through its impact on background checks. The FCRA process applies to employment screening when collecting the employee’s history touches a third party (like a background checking company). 

While the essence of the law has been in place since 1997, there have been some modifications to the law and even more so to the enforcement of the law since then. One of the most significant changes happened a few years ago when the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) was created and given joint oversight of enforcement with the Federal Trade Commission. 

This month, the CFPB issued an update to the Summary of Rights. Under the FCRA, you are obligated to provide the Summary of Rights when you request permission (via a release form) for an Investigative Consumer Report – a report that relies on interviews and opinions (think references) or when you are required to provide a copy of the report (i.e., Pre-Adverse Action packet). 

Please contact us if you do not receive the updated form from your current background checking company. Our team provides easy-to-use compliance tools with our background screening services. 

For more information about our background screening services*, or if you need Catapult’s expert help with your FCRA compliance, please contact Kevin W. von der Lippe at (336) 899-1150 or

*Catapult Services Corporation is a wholly owned licensed investigative agency of Catapult Employers Association, Inc., specializing in corporate pre-employment background screening. Our corporate agency license is BPN 001473P11 M.