Competitive Data

Members make smarter decisions with Catapult’s business intelligence and insights.

Data drives every aspect of business, including recruiting, hiring, salary, and benefits. To attract the best candidates and retain high performers, compensation packages must be competitive for your region and industry.

Top employers develop compensation structures based on hard data. That’s why Catapult prioritizes research around salary and benefits, publishing 10 annual and bi-annual reports on compensation and benefits-related topics.

We make that data available to members, free of charge, and add next-level value by offering consultative guidance and recommendations. Our experienced compensation professionals provide insights for leveraging the information to make sound business decisions.

A data-driven people strategy makes you a more competitive employer and business.

Catapult members enjoy:

Free access to all research

All our reports are right at your fingertips, keeping you informed of the latest hiring, compensation, and business trends. You’re among the first to read the reports when they’re published, including the:

  • NC Wage & Salary Survey
  • National Wage & Salary Survey
  • National Executive Compensation Survey
  • National Sales Compensation Survey
  • NC Benefits Cost Survey
  • National IT & Engineering Compensation Survey
  • NC Policies and Benefits Survey
  • National Business Trends Survey
  • NC Healthcare Benefits & Cost Survey
  • Holiday Survey

And don’t forget: Stand up and be counted! Members are encouraged to respond to our surveys, so your organization’s valuable data contributes to survey results.

On-call Compensation Specialists

Data is only valuable when it’s transformed into actionable intelligence. When you’re unsure what the research results mean for your company, consult our compensation specialists. They’re happy to discuss research data and make informed recommendations to member companies—free of charge!

Payfactors Database

Catapult encourages members to gather business intelligence from many sources. To that end, we make it possible for you to try out Payfactors compensation data management tools.

As a member, your company gets 50 free searches of the Payfactors national salary database, to help you determine the commensurate pay for your open positions. If you decide to subscribe to the Payfactors database, Catapult members receive a special discount. 

And when you need assistance parsing the data you glean from Payfactors searches, our compensation specialists are just a phone call away.

We make our research and recommendations free for members because data-driven people strategy makes you a more competitive employer and business. 

Business News Digest

As part of our efforts to keep members well-informed, you’ll receive our twice-weekly news digest chock full of local, regional, and global news that impacts your industry, community and business. In addition to our original content, we’ll curate the most relevant HR-focused news stories and deliver them straight to your inbox for quick and easy consumption.

App Alerts

When news happens, we push notifications to your phone through our mobile app. Be the first to know about new legislation, labor law changes, local ordinances impacting your supply chain, and other important events. More importantly, we’ll follow up with narratives on what the news means for your business, so you can act quickly and make the best decisions for your employees.