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Even if your company has fewer than 50 employees (the cut-off for federally mandated Family Medical Leave), there are a wide variety of state leave requirements which address everything from the birth of a child to domestic abuse and voting.

It is important you understand your responsibilities related to Leave and FMLA, particularly as leave impacts benefits. In addition, retaliating against an employee for requesting or taking protected leave, or failing to comply with FMLA requirements related to paperwork and timekeeping, could result in liability.

FAQs and Overview Information
  • Catapult’s Leave and FMLA FAQ provides you with the following information:
    • Does FMLA apply to your company
    • What legal requirements must you adhere to related to return to works?
    • What paperwork must you provide to an employee?
    • How do we manage intermittent leave?
    • How do we handle benefit payments?
  • Catapult’s ADA Toolkit (for leave after FMLA ends or when FMLA does not apply)
Tools and Templates
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